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Timber Paling Fence

Domestic paling fence contractors usually install fencing work around the home.

Commercial paling fence contractors also called Industrial fencing contractors usually install fences around housing estates, schools and large properties.

Paling fence suppliers specialise in the supply of the material required for the fence.

Industry survey Timber fencing being conducted about timber fencing.

Why are there so many different ways to build a timber paling fence listed on the Internet ? Because there are actually different types of timber paling fences and construction methods.

Lapped timber Paling Fence - common in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and most of Victoria - Palings are over lapped and this provides good privacy. Remember that a quality paling boundary fence will add value to your property, offer good sound absorption and reduce heat reflection.

Most common lapped paling timber fence -  The palings are on one side and the posts and rails are on the other side. The palings are above the top rail.

Capped lapped paling timber fence - Capping is added to the top of the fence, the palings are on one side and the posts and rails are on the other side. You will be able to see the capping from both sides. When capping is added the top rail must be raised to the top of the palings un-like an un-capped fence where the paling tops are above the top rail.

Exposed posts, Capped, Lapped timber paling fence. - You can see the posts from both sides. This is a very popular decorative paling fence and looks good painted or un-painted.

More timber paling fence pictures

Butt Paling timber Fence - common in NSW and QLD - Palings are butted up together or have a space between them. Provides air flow but not privacy. 

Lapped and Butt timber paling fencing can be constructed in many different ways and with a variety of material sizes.
With or without plinths (plinths can be more than one high).
With or without capping.
With or without trellis.

Special note on Palings

Victoria - Lapped paling fence - Treated pine and hardwood palings - sold as 12mm thick - Thickness 13mm plus or minus 2mm. Palings shrink when they dry out and may end up 10mm thick after shrinking and drying out. This is normal.

Due to paling shrinkage - paling over lap must be correct 25mm each side of paling. This over lap may shrink to 10mm when palings shrink and dry out. This is normal.

Butt paling Fences have thicker palings - eg. 15mm thick.



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