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Notice to Fence Notice

For use in Victoria Australia

A "Notice to Fence Notice" is a legal document that can be issued by you or a fencing company to your neighbour asking them to share the cost or repairs of fencing.

Sometimes the issue of this fence notice can cause a dispute so it is better to try the personal approach first.

Fence Notices should be sent by registered post to the neighbour.

Notice to Fence Notice more information click here


Home owners If you receive a Fencing Notice

Make sure you reply to a Fencing notice within 30 days and we suggest you reply in writing.

See below what can happen if you dont.

The new Fences Amendment Bill 2014 

Part 2 Amendments to the Fences Act 1968 

19. Procedure if adjoining owner has not responded or cannot be located An owner of land may commence fencing works and any subsidiary works without agreement from the owner of the adjoining land if (a) the owner gives the owner of the adjoining land a fencing notice and the owner of the adjoining land has not responded within 30 days from the day the fencing notice was given; or (b) after making reasonable inquiries, the owner of the adjoining land is unable to be located. 




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