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Fencing News

Fence construction and fence building news for fencing contractors, home owners, architects and government departments. Members are welcome to submit fencing news.

General news

In regard to Plasmar posts and other products - yes some changes have taken place. “The distribution company for plasmar posts and other products is now ACT Vic. Landline phone numbers, email addresses and website remain the same” see here

New product - new member

Woodshield - Timber posts and rails with a protective layer of plastic. see here

New product - new member

Plasmar - Interesting new Sleepers and Farm Posts made from 100% recycled polymer. see here

Building regulation amendments to boundary walls - Victoria

Amendments have been made to the minimum setback and average height standards for boundary walls not requiring a planning permit.   see here   and   see here

Warm welcome to New members

Watts Fencing see here

JLBFencing and Timber Supplies see here

Timbertop Fencing see here

New product - new member

Aussie Post Caps - Stop water and sun damage to your post tops
Use on both new and existing posts see here

New fencing emplyment center updated

Melbourne Councils updated see here

Victoria fence disputes updated see here

NSW fence disputes updated see here

New Advanced search function see here

 Swimming pools and spas in Victoria  see more information

Aluminium pool fencing

Home owners and Fencing companies please make sure aluminium pool fencing complies with the pool fencing code, some aluminium fence panels are great for garden fencing but not suitable for pool fencing.

Home owners

Be aware that some fence listings on the internet are advertising themselves as fencing businesses (they are actually referral services) when you complete your personal information they then sell it to other companies. So be careful how much information you give them and ask them if they are a referral service. Fencingonline has registered members that you contact directly by phone, email or through their web site we do not on sell information. All membership fees go towards improving and keeping this web site up to date.

Fencing companies

Be aware when buying leads from referral services that these leads may have been on sold to many companies, maybe you can ask them how many times a lead is on sold.

Home owners

Be aware that most fencing companies will give you a free quote.
They may also ask you for a deposit if you wish them to go ahead with the work.
We also recommend you obtain a written quote detailing the work to be done and the terms and conditions it will be done under and the length of time the fence is guaranteed.

Asbestos removal - Western Australia

7. (3) A person who stores, breaks, damages, cuts, maintains, repairs, removes, moves, or disposes of, or uses any material containing asbestos without taking reasonable measures to prevent asbestos fibres entering the atmosphere commits an offence.
Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1992  also see Removal of asbestos cement building products


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Include specific words that relate to what you do.
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Two new sections
Please note we have added two new sections to Fencingonline.
You will need to up date your details to activate them.
Use the wizard to add your services or products to the
"emergency fencing page"  also up date the new  "Farm section".
Best regards admin department

Timber fencing can now be chipped on site well done Chipstar Australia Pty Ltd

Timber Fencing Industry survey

now under way please complete and ask others to do the same.

This is your chance to have a say.

Thanks to all the companies that have taken advantage of our new free email register.

Fencingonline keeps expanding thanks to articles like this The Age

New free email register so we can contact non-members when members have special offers
existing members do not need to register.

Thank you Sydney radio station 2UE  for inviting us to be on your garden program.

Thank you Melbourne radio station 3AW for allowing us to be on your talk back program.

Fence specifications are now on line and members are asked to proof read and submit any comments also see lapped fence.

Some members are now offering special deals to members so always ask if one is available.

Our security system has been updated for add protection including encrypted email security.

Thanks "Fencing On Line" and good luck with a useful, no nonsense site, this is what it should be about.  John Collins S.A.

"What a great internet site! No flashy graphics, just information, thorough, plain and simple. Congratulations! This is what the Internet (at it's best) is all about! " Monica





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