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Fencing News Australia

Fence construction and fence building news.

Rural Fencing contractors or Fencing installers required to service all areas of Australia

Horse related fencing product needs installers. This could be a good add on to an existing business.  Imagine lead creation without an advertising bill. All leads supplied by manufacturer without fee or commission. Add another product and market to your list of services with no up front or capital outlay. Advice and assistance provided direct from the manufacturer. If you are interested please send email and include your location. email head office

Fencing Business for sale - South East of South Australia - Rural Fencing business with good clientele  see here

Special note to home owners - As the employment situation in Australia changes more people enter the fencing industry. Please make sure the fencing company you select is experienced and check that they have a current ABN number or Registration number (depending on which state you are in). Also note that requests for quotes increase in the lead up to Christmas and this can cause delays. It is also a time when scams are most active. Please report any scam to us.

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Homestead Fencing  see here

Shepp City Fencing  see here

NSW - Practice advice for swimming pool certifiers - Swimming pool legislation in NSW and Qld uses different terms. Are you an E1 certifier who also works in Queensland as a pool inspector ? NSW and Queensland legislation sometimes refer to the same thing using different terms. Correct terminology ensures the notices and certificates you issue are legally valid, and helps pool owners know exactly what services you’re offering.

Swimming pools and spas Victoria and Melbourne - Before 8 April 1991 and After 8 April 1991. All outdoor swimming pools and spas built since 1 May 2010 must not have direct access to the pool area via a door from a building, such as a house or a garage. see here

Licensing NSW - Major changes from 15 January 2015. The threshold for requiring a licence for building and general trade work has been raised from over $1,000 of work to over $5,000 (including labour and materials). see here

Fencing Quickguide – Victoria - Please note that the information in the Fencing Quickguide maybe out of date due to the Fences amendment Bill 2014 and the changes in the fencing act.

Review of the Fences Act 1968 - First review in thirty years. From the 22 September 2014 the Fences Amendment Act 2014 will come into operation. The Act includes amendments to the Fences Act 1968.

Aluminium pool fencing
Home owners and Fencing companies please make sure aluminium pool fencing complies with the pool fencing code, some aluminium fence panels are great for garden fencing but not suitable for pool fencing.

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Applied Resolution Technologies  see here

Bounce Back - horse fencing see here

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Trigg Industries see here

Endless fencing and gates see here

WoodSheild see here

Watts Fencing see here

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New product - new member - Aussie Post Caps - Stop water and sun damage to your post tops.Use on both new and existing posts see here

Timber fencing can now be chipped on site - well done Chipstar Australia Pty Ltd

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