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Enhance the look and security of your home with Fencing Online.

A home will not be complete without the gates. This is where fencing contractors like Fencing Online come in. We are the trusted fence installers in Australia, and we cannot wait to work with you!

Modern panel fencing in anthracite color, visible spans and a wicket, forest in the background.

Not all local fencing contractors can do colorbond fencing, and we take pride that it is one of our requested services from clients. Considered a versatile style, colorbond fencing is an attractive and affordable way to protect your property.


In love of wooden fences? Timber fencing is perfect for you. This type of fencing style adds a unique personality and value to your home. It is even perfect if you have a garden.

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It is a requirement in Australia to have a pool fence for your swimming pool. Our fence company is not limited to making strong residential gates but also for luxurious pool fences too!

Looking for “best fencing contractors near me”? You found us!

We are based in Melbourne, which makes us more knowledgeable about your landscape than other fence builders. As the most recommended local fencing contractors, we take pride in the number of gates we made and satisfied homeowners who were pleased with our work.

Experienced fence contractors

When looking for the “fencing contractors near me” you do not have to settle for any fence builder. It is true that there might be a lot of fence installers nearby but always choose the fence company with fence builders with years of experience and knowledge on the craft.

At Fencing Online, we work with experienced fence contractors who are not just experienced and knowledgeable but also passionate and dedicated to their job. We believe that these are essential elements for the team to create one-of-a-kind fences that suit the needs and wants of our clients.

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High-quality materials

A fence, like every part of your home, must be sturdy and can withstand changing climates. As the first shield of protection for your property or pool, we understand that we need to use first-rate materials. We do not settle for mediocre materials just to get the job done. We analyse, plan, and execute all our fence projects with considerations on the materials, location, and budget of our clients.

This might be one of the many reasons a single Google search on “best fencing contractors near me” would lead you to us. Even if you tried using “fence builders near me” or “fence contractors near me”, Fencing Online will still be the one you will end up with because we are not just any fencing installer, we are the best in the industry.

Professional fence contractors

Aside from our talented fencing contractors, the rest of the Fencing Online team are top-notch too. From our designers to our support team, we make sure that every member is skilled at their respective post, assuring you that the job will be done perfectly.

Regardless of the role, our team focuses on providing you with world-class services. From the moment you contact us to the last day of the project, we can promise you that the overall process will be smooth. Not only are our fences the best, but also our people.

Fencing Online, the most trusted fence company in Australia, is ready to work with you. If you are still unsure what gate you would need for your home, we can send a fence builder to check out the property and assist you. From there, we can discuss more details like materials, project timeline, and budget. Do not hesitate to leave us a message.


Book an appointment today so we can begin turning your dream pool into a reality!

Frequently asked questions

You might still have tons of questions in your mind right now. Don’t be shy, our support team is readily available for any concerns or issues you might have. You can also check out these frequently asked questions that might guide you.

While we cannot answer for other fence builders, we can show you the feedback that we received from our clients. We prioritise the happiness of our clients, this is why we make it a point to listen to what their ideal fence is. From there, we will inform them how we can actually make that possible.

The right fence company should have a team of experts who can create the fence of your dreams. A gate is an integral part of the house which is why it must be done right. The fencing installer of the company should be knowledgeable about the fence trends and proper procedure in making a fence to guarantee you that it will last for a lifetime.

Various fence builders emerged in Australia but one of the top local fencing contractors is Fencing Online. Our services are not limited to residential fences only as we can also do pool fences. We have designated pool fence installers for the job to ensure you that the right fence builder will make that luxurious pool fence for you.

Fencing Online aims to provide classic and sturdy fences for every Australian home. This is why we made our services affordable. But that does not mean that we will be using low-quality materials. We found a fencing solution that is within the budget without compromising the quality of the fence. Our fence builders came up with this idea for us to cater to every home.

There are a lot of factors to consider before working with your preferred fence company like their designs, process, portfolio, materials, and rates. At Fencing Online, we will let you meet with our fencing installer to further discuss these. You can ask for more details during the meeting to help you determine if you would like to work with us or not. Although we can guarantee you that we are the best in the industry.

This would depend on the regulation of the city or area you are residing in. For instance, in New South Wales, the requirement is not to exceed 1.8m in height for residential houses. The best solution is to find out the regulations in your area first for you to know which gate should be done too. Another option is to let the fence builder provide you with suggestions.

Although each fence style has a different price range, considering the company’s rate for its services and materials used, the fence with the lowest fee is usually the powder-coated aluminium fence. This is because aluminium is not that expensive as compared with other materials. Homeowners prefer this type of gate as it is the least expensive and is durable.

A fence gate keeps your home protected from intruders and trespassers. It can also keep you safe from wandering animals. Some homeowners who have children opt to have a fence to ensure that their child will stay at home. The purpose of the fence varies depending on your needs.

More and more fence builders are developing various types of gates to complement the type of house and landscape of their clients. Some of the well-known gates are slide gates, swing gates, and bi-folding gates.

From the name itself, the fencing installer is the person for the role. This expert visits your location to check the landscape and house design to determine the perfect look of the residential fence. Or if it is a pool, the fence builder will check the pool that you have. He or she will discuss with you the observations made and suggestions. Then, once the two of you have reached an agreement, the fencing installation will start.

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